The Pastor

  After the service the other day he went to the pastor’s house to seek guidance on how to go about being a good Christian and ask forgiveness from the Lord. Surprisingly the door was open. Apart from the long wooden chair and the huge cross on the wall, the living room was empty. It… Continue reading The Pastor

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Suzy’s Heart: Dirty

It was a fun party. That was only because it was an awkward one, making her feel less awkward than she would have in any social event. She came back feeling tired and drained. The game they played triggered a memory; a terrible one. She felt guilty and ashamed. She couldn’t tell anyone about it,… Continue reading Suzy’s Heart: Dirty

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Suzy’s Words: Emptiness.

It’s a feeling I’ve become accustomed to. It usually comes when I’m sad and really down. Most of the time I feel confident about myself and really pretty too. I never actually cared what anyone else thought. Terribly happy, rambling a lot, smiling always, too optimistic for my own good. That was the high. That… Continue reading Suzy’s Words: Emptiness.